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      What do people say ?

"Yvonne is professional, friendly, understanding, passionate and superb at her job as a reflexologist. I have seen such a big difference in my overall health since going to her. She really takes care of you, and caters to your individual body needs. I suffer from stress and sleeping issues and since going to her I have seen such a positive difference. I sleep better and I am able to work on controlling my stress levels. She is passionate about what she does so is very educative and hands on with her job. The products that she uses are the best. If needed she will go proactively out of her way to educate and understand any potential body problems you have. Since going to Yvonne for reflexology I have never needed anyone else. She is the best! "
- Neha D.

"My friends said that I looked glowing and refreshed. My skin felt soft and looked lovely, even days after my cryo facial. I will definitely have another one very soon."
- M.D.

Another happy cryo client !

5 out of 5 star rating 

"Lovely lady and great service! Cant wait to come back"

- Sade M.

"I have had several massages with Yvonne now and I can’t recommend her highly enough! Her technique is tailored specifically for the clients needs and I always feel fabulous afterwards. She  also makes the environment very warm and comfortable with the lovely aroma of calming scent. Thank you, Yvonne!"

Yvette N.


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