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Breathe &Realign


I've always been an active person with a keen interest in sports, nutrition, healthy living and various self healing methods.

Raising a family, looking after my 5 children and their wellbeing proved to be challenging, leaving me with little time for myself, hence I too needed to find the right balance .

I eventually started my yoga journey when my two sisters were diagnosed with cancer. Practising yoga felt extremely beneficial not just for my physical health, but also mental wellbeing during this difficult time.

However, whilst qualifying as a RYS yoga teacher I injured myself and suddenly suffered from severe back pain. Through research, I came across Michaelle Edwards and her YogAlign method.

 Practising this approach to yoga helped me to eliminate my back pain and now I hope to pass on  what I have learnt to others. 

Since life is busy a short 20min EMS workout helps me to keep fit and I found it to be the ideal compliment to my yoga practise.

After initially only treating family and friends with my massaging skills, they encouraged me to offer my treatments to a broader audience and to dive deeper into various healing techniques.

I love being able to help others and seeing them achieve their goals. I incorporate exercise routines, which work with the natural alignment of your body for your ultimate benefit and my massage treatments are tailored to your individual needs.


~ Yvonne ~

I have completed:

 200h RYS Yoga teacher training


Yoga teacher training for children (2016).

70h YogAlign posture education (2019)

I am also a fully trained and certified

Xbody EMS fitness instructor,

Holistic massage therapist,

with additional qualification in

Ayurvedic massage therapy,

 Level 1 in I- rest Yoga Nidra

 Level 1 and 2 in USUI Reiki healing as well as  various other workshops and courses in breath work, Life coaching, meditation and Yoga.


"Take good care of your body -

it's only place you have to live in." 

What naturally aligned posture does


*Opens up biological pathways that increase feelings of happiness


*Keeps your energy level high and can boost confidence


*Lowers fear, depression and anxiety


*Makes you more productive


*Optimizes breathing and movements


*Supports optimal functioning of the integumentary, skeletal, nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive, elimination, immune, respiratory, digestion, muscular and fascial system


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